We produce our wines in the traditional way, so that you can enjoy the most beautiful wines that our vineyards can produce.

Christophe Collonge

“I have a personal message for you”
“I am the fifth generation from the Collonge family. It is a real privilege to work and exploit the family vineyards located in our beautiful village of Lantignié. Over the years, I also acquired new vineyards in Morgon and Régnié (including the vineyards of the family of my wife Florence). I cultivate my vines and develop my wines with love and passion to allow you to enjoy a pleasant and warm taste.
I am lucky to be joined by my eldest son Mathieu since 2020. He inherited my passion. My other sons Romain and Theo are never very far away and are always ready to help us when the need is there, especially for the harvest.”

Domaine de Thizy

The beautifully situated place where we live and work on the wines of the brand Cave de Collonge.
The basic site from which we work is Domaine de Thizy, located alongside the D26 in the municipality of Lantignié. It consists of their home, the winery, Cave Collonge, grape-pickers' quarters, the small guesthouse ‘Les Hirondelles’, named after the swallows that house in the upper barn each year, and some adjacent vineyards. The property is located on the eastern slopes of the Beaujolais, overlooking the valley of the Saône. If the weather is very clear, the view includes the Mont Blanc.

Our Philosophy

Wine must be a fair product with the grape (and nothing but the grape) as a base.
In our case the grape variety for all the red wines is the ‘Gamay Noir a jus Blanc’. My personal passion is to produce, every harvest again, wines that will delight people and please them. Wines with a delicious taste and in which the ‘terroir’ is expressed in an optimal way. Wines that, after the first fragrance impression and first sip, make at least a modest smile to appear on the face.

How we make wine

What makes Beaujolais so specific is, among other things, the process of vinification.
What makes it different is the Maceration Carbonic whereby in the first phase the whole clusters of grapes are fermented. The clusters evolve in an atmosphere where carbon dioxide is gradually replacing the oxygen in the air. The fermentation inside the grape kernels begins. This is intra-cellular fermentation. This enzymatic process generates a small production of alcohol and gives off specific aromas. Under the pressure of gravity, the grapes break and the juice is released. The fermentation is continued with the natural yeasts on the outside of the skins. Over time, the alcohol level increases until the yeasts die.
Come together during the summer

La Terrasse de Chiroubles

Every wednesday evening during the summer
Tasting and sale of the Chiroubles cru. Sale of 10 Beaujolais crus and Crémant de Bourgogne.7-10 PM
La Terrasse 69115 Chiroubles

HVE certified

Cave Collonge is certified at the highest level HVE:level 3

Happy Harvest time

The harvest time offers more than just grapes


We support this beautiful initiative of young winemakers in Lantignié

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