About us

Our Famliy

Over the years, five generations of Collonge have worked their homeland vineyards in Lantignié with great passion. Over the years more vineyards have been added through consolidation and acquisition and our range of wines has been extended to Beaujolais Villages, Regnié and Morgon and the variants based on the Gamay grape: Rosé and Cuvée Special (white, bubbles). For the ‘Cave Coöperative de Fleurie’ we also work a vineyard in Fleurie.

Today, the responsibility for the vineyards and associated work lies with my wife Florence and myself. Our children are now grown-ups for already some years. They increasingly follow their own path. But the family bond is strong and when the need is there, we all work hard and well together.

Our oldest son Mathieu is the most business oriented of the three. He now also works his own small vineyards and is very active in organic growing and biodiversity within Lantignié. He lives ‘just around the corner’ with his wife Theresa and their two children Titus and Paul.

Our middle son Romain is the dreamer. Always friendly and positive, he takes life as it comes and works here and there. He regularly works for us in the vineyards but we will not be surprised if he decides once again to herd a flock of sheep, on his own, in the Swiss Alps.

Theo, finally, was and is our adventurous benjamin. A type that likes to hang out with friends until late at night. He doesn’t play basketball anymore, but he is still a big NBA-fan. He currently works at a large wine bottling plant and spends a lot of time with his beloved Chloe.

“Elk jaar maakt Beaujolais Nouveau van de 3e donderdag in november een feestdag over de hele wereld. Dankzij de vrolijke fruitigheid komen tientallen miljoenen mensen samen om hun smaak voor de zoetheid van het leven te vieren.”

Nouveau by Beaujolais

“De Beaujolais Wijnroute voert je door het groeigebied van de Beaujolais Villages met zijn pittoreske dorpjes en steil glooiende wijngaarden.”

Route des Vins

“The Beaujolais Wine Route takes you through the Beaujolais Villages growing area with its picturesque villages and steeply sloping vineyards.”

Route des Vins

HVE certified

Cave Collonge is certified at the highest level HVE: level 3.

Happy Harvest time

The harvest time offers more than just grapes


We support this beautiful initiative of young winemakers in Lantignié